Kite-surfing is offered by many outfitters and hotels. Kite surfing instruction is available, starting at $60USD/hour, beginners package of 7 lessons start at $350USD. From November till March you generally will have strong winds every day. The Winds in Mui Ne emerge by thermal movements, after the shores got warmed by the sun. You will have perfect wind everyday from 11 a.m. on until the late evening. Gusty winds are seldom. With strong winds, the sometimes choppy waves can be as high as 4 meters and more. The water is free of rocks, which makes it relatively safe to kite. However in the peak season there up to 300 kites in the water at the same time. Beginners and Students, who mainly practice close to the beach front makes things a bit more dangerous. So watch out for other kitesufers and swimmers and control the speed, in particularly because swimmers are difficult to see when waves are high. Accidents between kitesurfers or between kitesurfers and swimmers happen from time to time and medical facilities are limited in terms of their equipment and abilities.

There are several kite-surfing Schools along the beach, which all employ Beach Boys who will help you to start and launch the kite. It is widely common to tip the Beach Boys with 1USD/Day. If you bring your own equipment and don’t want to carry it from and to your hotel every day, you can store it at one of the Kitesurfing Schools for $20USD/week or $60USD/month, including usage of their compressors and shower facilities.


  • All-terrain vehicle. You can ride one on White sand dunes.
  • Cooking class. If you want to learn to cook Vietnamese food, check cooking classes near C2SKY kite-surfing school (opposite Kim Shop). You will learn to cook pancakes, Pho Bo soup, shrimp salad and fresh spring rolls. All ingredients are ready, you’ll just mix them under supervision of Vietnamese cook. 400,000 VND per person (1 hour-long)
  • Day Tours. The standard half day tour ($10-13 USD) takes in the fishing village, fairy stream, and the red and while sand dunes. Tours normally start at either 5:00AM or 2:30PM so you can watch the sunrise/sunset over the sand dunes.
  • Sailing was newly founded in 2010 in Mui Ne. This water sport has been gaining popularity since Mui Ne is considered one of the best places in the world to sail. Classes are available and offered by Manta Sail Training Centre on 108 Huynh Thuc Khang at $50USD/hour for individuals with certified international and local instructors. This foreign-owned centre is the only sailing school in Vietnam. The sailing area is safe, quiet, with no swimmers and a few advanced kite-sufers.
  • Swimming. The sea is wonderfully warm, but it can be quite rough, with large waves and a strong rip tide. When the tide is in, there is not much of a beach to speak of. When wind is blowing it can be quite chilly to even think of swimming. The area between kilometer markers 11 and 13 has the largest stretch of enduring sandy beach. Since large waves normally emerge after 11AM you might prefer to swim in the early morning hours, when the water is flat and free of Kite-sufers.
  • Running. Run the annual Mui Ne Half Marathon held on every September. Racers and spectators can enjoy a family friendly event with distances of 5k, 10k and 21k to choose from.
  • Surfing. Sometimes you get good waves in mornings of windy season. Lessons, day trips and rentals are available, don’t hesitate to ask around. While Mui Ne is not the best destination for surfing, it can be good place to give it a try.
  • Windsurfing. If you like to do some windsurfing, go to eastern part of Mui Ne.
  • Water Sports. Most outfitters offer a host of water sports including kayaking, paddle surfing, and jet ski rental.